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Modern Cuisine with Fraîche Haitian Flair

What is Créole Fraîche all about?

Créole Fraîche (fresh) is a private catering company providing dynamic and affordable restaurant quality menu options with a touch of Haitian flair. We execute modern cooking that is full of balanced flavor, and finished with plating technique and design that is sure to impress at any event. Our company was created with the vision to bring modern French-American cuisine to life through the lens of Haitian cuisine and hospitality. Créole Fraîche uses fresh, local ingredients along with imported goods from Haiti to create authentic, memorable dishes. It is our desire to bring awareness to Haitian culture and to promote tourism in Haiti. 

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  • We are Certified Food Safety Handlers in NYC. Members have taken food safety refresher courses

  • Hand sanitizer will be available for client usage, free of charge

  • Our Team will be wearing proper personal protective equipment

  • Team members with signs of illness will be sent home. If for any reason a service cannot be provided because of this, clients will be fully refunded.

  • Hand washing and glove changing continues to be top priority. 

  • Social distancing rules will be respected

  • Buffet service options are temporarily unavailable in our efforts to reduce cross contamination

"We will continue to provide our catering services under the Food Safety Guidelines of NYC while taking additional precautions towards preventing the of spread Covid-19"

We Work Sustainably

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We are passionate about saving our planet, all while giving you the best tasting quality ingredients. That is why we take pride in sourcing fresh local ingredients whenever and wherever possible; including locally grown and/or fresh imported produce from small business grocers. How do we save the planet?


  • We use biodegradable paper products

  • We work with environmentally friendly cleaning products

  • We use reusable items over disposables

  • We are a straw free business!

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