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Private Supper Club

We are delighted to share with you a new way to enjoy the Créole Fraîche experience. Our Private Supper Club will provide exclusive dinners, with creative fusion-expression that will leave you speechless. Each dinner is seasonal, using fresh ingredients that are paired with carefully selected wines and/or craft cocktails. This will be a vibe you do not want to miss. See you at the table!

Supper Club Archives


French X Haitian Fusion Dinner

On September 30th 2023, we welcomed the autumn season with laughter warmth and decadent flavors. Guests enjoyed malanga root fritters, a flavorful 5 cheese macaroni croquette, followed by a slow braised ginger rum lamb shank, paired with creamy mayi moulen (creamy cornmeal). The dessert was  blan manage (creamy coconut flan) with a pool of kremas and berry coulis. It's always a pleasure seeing our guests feel right at home. It was a 5 course meal that delivered French and Haitian cuisine with love and hospitality. Thank you to all our guests for joining us!

"Bo Lame a" (By the Ocean)

On May 18th 2023, our guests enjoyed a 5 course dinner, highlighting Haiti and the fresh seafood Her blue ocean waters provided for centuries. It was a seafood lover's dream. The ambiance was colorful, warm and vibrant. Each course was a celebration of flavor and tradition; a perfect Haitian Flag Day Celebration.

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