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Private Supper Club

We are delighted to share with you a new way to enjoy the Créole Fraîche experience. Our Private Supper Club will provide exclusive dinners, with creative fusion-expression that will leave you speechless. Each dinner is seasonal, using fresh ingredients that are paired with carefully selected wines and/or craft cocktails. This will be a vibe you do not want to miss. See you at the table!

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Festive Dinner

September 30th 

French x Haitian

Come and experience a  5 course, French and Haitian fusion dinner. This night is sure to be full of indulging flavors and textures. This will be a night perfect for any celebration. See you at the table!

Location: Queens, NY (address disclosed after reservation is made)

Time: 8pm-10pm

Tickets: $165 Per Guest

Supper Club Archives


"Bo Lame a" (By the Ocean)

On May 18th 2023, our guests enjoyed a 5 course dinner, highlighting Haiti's and the fresh seafood Her blue ocean waters provided for centuries. It was a seafood lover's dream. The ambiance was colorful, warm and vibrant. Each course was a celebration of flavor and tradition; a perfect Haitian Flag Day Celebration.

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